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June 2013



Last November, we launched our Evil vs Cancer campaign, donating 100% of royalties from all Evil UnLtd books to Cancer Research UK. It was our way of trying to do something in the face of losing three lovely and gifted actresses - Caroline John and Mary Tamm and Elisabeth Sladen - from the world of Doctor Who, all to cancer.


Lis Sladen, Caroline John and Mary Tamm

We intended to continue that in some form past May 24th 2013 and our original plan was to carry on donating royalties at 50% - there being a need for some revenue if I was to be able to fund future Evil paperbacks. Now, sadly, the world of literature and sci-fi has lost another hero of mine and a major influence on a great deal of my writing, Iain Banks.

So once again, I'm feeling the need to do something.

Hence, revenue will have to wait. I'll find other sources of impoverished author's income! And we'll go on donating all royalties from the Evil UnLtd books (in all formats) to Cancer Research UK. This will continue for another year, until May 24th 2014. (We're backdating this to include all purchases that were made between May 24th 2013 and now.)

The gang over at Evil UnLtd still disapprove, of course. But I've gotten away with it for this long, I should be safe from their retribution for another year. Details of how you can get your hands, virtual or otherwise, on the paperbacks and/or ebooks here, at the official Evil site. But I’ll include the links here for your convenience:


Evil Vols 1 & 2


Evil UnLtd Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil


Kindle (Amazon UK) £2.01


Kindle (Amazon US) $3.05


Other Ebook Formats (Smashwords) $2.99


Paperback (Amazon UK) £8.99


Evil UnLtd Vol 2: From Evil With Love

Kindle (Amazon UK) £2.01

Kindle (Amazon US) $3.05

Other Ebook Formats (Smashwords) $2.99

Paperback (Amazon UK) £8.99


And now there's a third book in the series too!

Evil UnLtd 3: Evil Utd

Kindle (Amazon UK) £1.74

Kindle (Amazon US) $2.64


Paperback version and Smashwords ebook versions to follow.

So, if you haven’t availed yourself of a copy yet, treat yourself. And please tell your friends, spread the word.


Help make Evil do some Good.







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